halcyon days are gone

Cherileigh Anne|18|Toronto // no mythologies to follow
  • Danielle: *says nothing*
  • Me: *combusts*


Just announced by Zane Lowe on Radio 1: HAIM will feature on Bastille new, upcoming mixtape "VS. (Other People’s Heartache pt III)"

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i made a thing where you ask stuff about music

  • 1: favourite five albums of all time
  • 2: favourite song lyrically
  • 3: favourite song musically
  • 4: last gig you went to
  • 5: the band you want to get back together most
  • 6: a song that makes you cry
  • 7: a song that makes you laugh
  • 8: a lyric you have to shout
  • 9: the song you sing most in the shower
  • 10: favourite gig you've been to
  • 11: a song you'd most like to do karaoke to
  • 12: a band member you'd most like to do karaoke with
  • 13: are you a CD/vinyl person or an MP3 download person?
  • 14: favourite album to listen to in full
  • 15: a song to sum up this year so far
  • 16: most played song on your itunes
  • 17: favourite album artwork
  • 18: favourite song title
  • 19: guilty pleasure song
  • 20: favourite soundtrack

—When We Were Young

Talk to you, about the same ol’ thing 
Meet you at 10 around the corner down the street
Yeah, okay, your girlfriend’s away
So does that mean that I can come in and take her place?

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